Light a Blue Bulb on Tuesday Night, November 24, 2015.

We’re not waiting for the next Blue Moon to do something about men’s health – prostate cancer, male breast cancer, violence in the workplace or home, diabetes, obesity, smoking, etc .

We estimate that over 35,000 people celebrated Men’s Health Night on November 24, 2014.   On November 24, 2015, we expect thousands more will light a blue light bulb on Men’s Health Night, to honor the men we love,  those who are living and those who we wish were still with us, our sons, boyfriends, Dads, Uncles, Granddads, Brothers, Friends, Partners, Husbands.  One blue light bulb, one night a year, one evening to show that we care about the men in our lives.

November 24 is also an evening to think about the men we have lost to disease, war and violence.   Thousands of blue bulbs were turned on and people paused for a moment, to memorialize a men who passed away and those who are struggling with disease, today.

Lots of diseases and advocacy efforts focus on lighting famous monuments or corporate buildings as a way to create awareness, and that’s all well and good. But, this year, and from now on, November 24 is the evening that we, the people, light a light of awareness, warmth and strength, in our own homes.  It’s really up to us to do the best we can to stay healthy.

If in the moment that someone – you – screw in a blue light bulb, if you think to yourself, “I ought to make a doctor’s appointment,” then Men’s Health Night has done its job.   We need to say to ourselves that we are worth taking care of, that our lives are worthy of health and happiness, that I will commit to asking my doctor what tests I need to stay alive.

November 21, 2010, America’s first Men’s Health Night, was the night of the Blue Moon.  We don’t want men to wait to see a doctor, until the next blue moon.  Too many men die, too young, for no good reason. There are many diseases that can be treated in a life extending way, if diagnosed early.

Malecare, our country’s national men’s cancer survivor nonprofit, developed Men’s Health Night, but, we want you – everyone – to own it for yourselves.  On November 24, we light a blue light bulb and think about how we can care more about the men in our lives, and take better care of ourselves.  It’s time to speak up. Light the light.

Lighting the Night, Blue.

Let us know how you lite the night, blue, on November 24. Did you use that night to remember someone whom you have lost? We would be honored to post a paragraph about the person you cared about, and, you can even upload a photo. Perhaps a photo of the person you wish were still here, or of you, by your blue light bulb. Thank you for participating on Men's Health Night!